herbst Education

Every year, general education formats accompany the festival’s theme, and special formats many of the artistic positions and works presented. Events such as walks through exhibitions, meals with artists, or creative experiments aim not so much to explain as to create spaces for shared reflection and interpretation.

Formats for A War in the Distance

These tours and workshops are dedicated to the many perspectives on war and conflict that arise from the festival program. At the center are formats related to the main exhibition, offered in cooperation with the education team from Neue Galerie Graz.

→  In der Ferne? (In the Distance?)
→  Aus der Nähe (Up Close)
→  Frühwarn-Fernmelder:innen (Early-Warning Forecasters)
→  Curators’ tours

→  Prologue tour

The ORF-Lange Nacht der Museen not only features hourly tours and workshops at Neue Galerie Graz, but also tours through the exhibition at Forum Stadtpark

→  Harun Farocki against War

Sometimes it is helpful to observe what we have seen from a distance—for example, over a drink at the herbstbar at Feinkost Mild in the format

→  Drink and Overthink

Similarly convivial, we are bringing back the informal dinners with artists following their performances.

→  Eat and Greet

In addition to the events associated with A War in the Distance, we offer other interesting formats.

→  Parallel Program Tour
→  Zeitgenössische Kunst sehen und verstehen (Viewing and Understanding Contemporary Art)

→  Year-Round Formats

All Tours and Workshops

Year-Round herbst Education Formats

Outside of the festival period, herbst Education focuses on the history of the steirische herbst. How did one of the oldest interdisciplinary festivals come into being? How has it changed, and what is it all for?

→  Basis-Workshop (Basic workshop)
→  Retrospektive Perspektiven: Historischer 3-D-Foto-Workshop (Retrospective Perspectives: historic 3D photo workshop)
→  Retrospektive Perspektiven: Geführte Tour (Retrospective Perspectives: guided tour)
→  Schul-herbst-Tage (herbst School Days)


For requests and formats in English or for people with disabilities, please contact education [​at​] steirischerherbst.at or phone +43 316 823 007 89.