Eat and Greet

Artist discussions

Want to eat something, have a drink and a conversation after a performance? Why not do so together with the artists? At Eat and Greet, everyone sits together at one table, immediately after the performance and in the same venue.


23.9., 22:00, Helmut List Halle
Following Ming Wong, Rhapsody in Yellow: A Lecture-Performance with Two Pianos
(in English)

24.9., 17:30, herbstbar at Feinkost Mild
Following Boris Charmatz [terrain], Noli me tangere: A Happening for Herz-Jesu
(in English)

8.10., 22:00, herbstbar at Feinkost Mild
Following Giacomo Veronesi, A Safe Space for Male Bodies
(in German)

14.10., 20:30, Helmut List Halle
Following Boris Nikitin, Magda Toffler: Versuch über das Schweigen (Magda Toffler: Essay on Silence)
(in German)

10.2.23, 18:15, Feinkost Mild
Following Navaridas & Deutinger, Emancipation of Wonder (2022)
(in English)

23.9., 8.10., 22:00
24.9., 17:30
14.10., 20:30
10.2., 18:15

Duration: 1 hour
Group size: max. 25 people
Price: free when attending performance