Paranoia TV


As a way of giving people safe access to art in the extraordinary year 2020, as well as opportunities to reflect artistically and critically on the global pandemic and the resulting constraints, steirischer herbst transformed itself into a fictitious media consortium for its 53rd festival edition.

Paranoia TV explored new contexts and distribution channels for artistic work beyond the usual exhibition and stage formats. The festival website functioned as a streaming service where new artist-produced content was released every day. The wide-ranging online offerings included talk shows, films, series, online games, radio plays as well as artist talks, discussions, and a dedicated news program—all of which could be accessed also via app anytime, anywhere.

The online program was supplemented on site in Graz and the province of Styria by performances, giveaways, and installations in public space. The festival thus also turned into an experiment how art can reach people in times of social distancing and outside the familiar paths and contexts.

In view of continued interest, the online content produced for Paranoia TV remained available for viewing even after the festival ended, until December 31, 2020. Some of the content can still be accessed now at, along with documentation of on-site events.

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