Kartografie der Lücke
(Mapping the Gap)

Readings, installations, talk, and discussion
Artists: Marie-Theres Auer, Sophia Barthelmes, Katharina Jabs, Armela Madreiter, Pedro Martins Beja, Thomas Perle, Marcus Peter Tesch

The wars in Styria’s immediate proximity meant that the region has long been a transit point and refuge for those fleeing the violence. Many found themselves relocated to Wagna—the destination of a special expedition during the present edition of steirischer herbst.

The Wagna refugee camp, located right next to the ancient Roman settlement Flavia Solva, operated between 1914 and 1963. At its peak, its 21,000 inhabitants made it the third largest municipality in Styria. Initially, the majority comprised those fleeing World War I in Eastern Galicia; other groups were soon to follow. Today, all but one of the barracks have been dismantled.

What remains? What traces did the camp leave behind? How did it shape Wagna and its architecture? How is it remembered in family lore? How does the social life of the village reflect its history? Six authors and a video artist set out in search of the camp’s traces and share their encounters and experiences with the visitors.

9.10., 17:00

Bildungshaus Retzhof
Dorfstraße 17, 8435 Wagna
In German
Free admission

Bus trip to the event
Meeting point: Schillerplatz,
​stop Krenngasse, 8010 Graz
(Return trip: 20:00)
Registration: tickets [​at​] steirischerherbst.at
Free of charge

Dramaturgy: Edith Draxl

With a talk by Heimo Halbrainer


A collaboration between steirischer herbst ’22 and DRAMA FORUM / uniT

In cooperation with COOP EB—Verein zur Förderung und Durchführung nationaler und internationaler Kooperationen in der Erwachsenenbildung and the municipality of Wagna

Supported by Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich