Les Trucs
Nach uns die Synthflute (After Us, the Synth Flute)


In a musical number revue, the electronic duo Les Trucs tells of disappearance and survival, organ failure and piano moving. Long limbs and even longer cables attached to bodies and sound generators make for a concertante happening emanating from the middle of the room. Using cabaret forms such as sound poems, piano ballads, and harebrained tap dancing, Les Trucs and light designer Matthias Rieker create an otherworldly sound-light-movement scenario, presenting a distorted mirror image of our times.

Les Trucs is an ongoing collaboration between Charlotte Simon and Toben Piel, who have been working together since 2008. Their work is always linked to the surrounding space and situation, in the form of sound concepts for urban space and compositions for moving choirs or basement bars. They appear in club and DIY settings as well as performing and fine-art contexts. Les Trucs have collaborated with directors and choreographers such as Meg Stuart, Philippe Quesne, contact Gonzo, Schorsch Kamerun, Eisa Jocson, and have played concerts all across Europe, Russia, Israel, and Japan. Together with Benjamin Bascom, they run a cassette label for experimental electronic dance music called MMODEMM. In 2020, Les Trucs founded Wheel of Fortune, a label releasing conceptual music alongside 3D-printed objects.

8.10., 21:00

Forum Stadtpark (basement)
Stadtpark 1
8010 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

In German

16/12 euros

Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’22

In cooperation with Forum Stadtpark