Zea Fio

Zea Fio (1954, Zagreb, Yugoslavia) is an artist and conservator. In 1978, she graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb.  She was featured in the Zagreb Youth Salon and in 1984 had a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, where many of her works can still be found today. In 1983, she was part of the International Painting Weeks at Neue Galerie Graz within the framework of steirischer herbst, where her work I, Trees, Earth entered the collection. With her expressive works, which take up various stylistic influences, Fio is one of the most important representatives of Nova Slika (New Image), an art movement that corresponded with the Neue Wilde in Germany and the Transavanguardia in Italy. Fio moved to Vienna in the mid-1980s with her husband Dušan Minovski to escape the worsening political and economic situation in Yugoslavia. She lives in Vienna.

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Oil on canvas