Theater im Bahnhof

Palais Schloßberg: Unterirdische Träume werden wahr – in Graz!!! (2022)
(Schloßberg Palace: Subterranean Dreams Come True—in Graz!!!)

In Graz, the only answer to climate change and approaching wars is to keep building, and there is even a proven crisisproof property with redevelopment potential right in the center of the city. Such at least is the thinking of the real estate company behind Palais Schloßberg, as imagined by Theater im Bahnhof, which invites discerning investors to secure the coolest spots on and in the mountain. Presenting their vision of a luxury shelter in downtown Graz, the artists of Theater im Bahnhof build a bridge from the present to the history of the WWII era bunker facilities in the mountain, not without the usual playfulness and with a generous portion of irony.

Theater im Bahnhof (founded 1989, Graz) is a contemporary people’s theater. Its focus is on researching and writing its own productions for both the stage and public space, questioning Austrian identity between popular culture and tradition. The group is famous for their local engagement in Graz for over thirty years as well as their international performances at festivals such as Theater der Welt, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, and Impulse Theater Festival.

24.9., 30.9., 2.10., 11.10., 14.10., 18:00

In German

Schloßberg 5
8010 Graz

16/12 euros

(Sturdy shoes are necessary, warm clothing is an advantage.)

With Jacob Banigan, Elisabeth Holzmeister, Jaschka Lämmert, and Martina Zinner
Leading Team / Concept and direction: Beatrix Brunschko, Johanna Hierzegger, Andreas Stangl
Digital design: Michael Suppan
Graphic design: Helene Thümmel
Technician: Claudia Holzer
Technical support: Moke Rudolf-Klengel
Outside eye: Ed. Hauswirth, Helmut Köpping
Idea: Emil Gruber
Consulting: Valentin Cee
Production: Monika Klengel, Christina Helena Romirer, Lena Teresa Rucker

Commissioned by steirischer herbst ’22

Produced by Theater im Bahnhof in coproduction with steirischer herbst ’22