Graphic design (a term which first appeared in 1922) and the media associated with and influenced by it—like the poster, for example—have changed the landscape of communication over the past 100 years and shaped it decisively. At the same time, from within the worlds of art and graphic design, various currents have emerged whose development is not yet completed. This broad spectrum of graphic design is the focus of six exhibitions, with contributions from eight institutions spanning the fields of art, science, and business.

100 Exciting Posters
This is an exhibition of works in public space—a striking journey through time from 1922 to 2022, curated by Siegfried Gruber, initiator of the entire project. Selected designs and moving images show the development of the medium and present a review of the past 100 years.

Faking the Real
Alongside the highly charged term “fake,” the exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz tracks the evolution of intersections between graphic design, media image, and art since 1971. Including works by artists ranging from Rosemarie Trockel to Gerwald Rockenschaub to Signe Pierce, the exhibition reflects political upheavals as well as technological developments.  

Verhüllung und Verheißung (Veil and Promise)
The Haus der Architektur explores the phenomenon of real estate advertising in urban environments. Images of posters from different parts of the world by photographer Hans-Georg Esch are contrasted with texts by Reinier de Graaf of AMO/OMA, image analyses by graphic designer Rosa Nussbaum, and an installation by the artist Sven Borger.

Graz Plakat 1920–1955 (Graz Poster 1920–1955)
The Graz Museum presents an inclusive exhibition in simplified language consisting of selected works from its extensive collection of posters from the mid-20th century, in between art, business, and politics, with tactile, audio, and scent stations.

At the KULTUM center for contemporary art and religion, the focus is on artists who, with their posters created in the 1970s and 1980s, hoped to contribute to a reform of the Catholic Church.  

The Next Poster
The Institute for Design & Communication at FH JOANNEUM looks toward the future, exploring the further development and digital transformation of this historic medium. The results are presented in an exhibition.


Collective opening—opening program
17:00: grand opening with the exhibition opening DE PROPAGANDA FIDE, KULTUM—Kulturzentrum Minoriten
18:00: guided tour 100 Exciting Posters
18:30: Graz Plakat 1920 – 1955 (Graz Poster 1920–1955), Graz Museum
19:15: The Next Poster, designforum Steiermark, and guided tour 100 Exciting Posters
20:00: Faking the Real, Kunsthaus Graz, and Verhüllung und Verheißung (Veil and Promise), HDA—Haus der Architektur

A collective project on the occasion of 100 years of graphic design by Kunsthaus Graz, Graz Museum, KULTUM – Kulturzentrum Minoriten, Haus der Architektur, Institut für Design und Kommunikation der FH Joanneum, FG Werbung & Marktkommunikation der WK Steiermark, and Ankünder

Initiated by Siegfried Gruber, coordinated by Creative Industries Styria