Styrian Improvisers Orchestra
Humans and Machines


The Styrian Improvisers Orchestra (STIO) is normally led—or operated improvisationally—as a single large instrument via hand signals, gestures, or symbols from the conductor. Even though in this case an algorithm comes into play—some people call it AI or ML—over twenty-five musicians oscillate between freedom and structure as virtuoso improvisations alternate with delicate sound landscapes. John Eckhardt begins by conducting the STIO at his own discretion; then he serves as a human interface who translates commands from the computer into signals for the orchestra.

Elisabeth Harnik and Annette Giesriegl transform the ensemble into an identity researcher, tracing concepts of collective and individual identity and thereby giving the audience the opportunity to experience various identities—including their own—more strongly, to recognize them, or to dissolve them.

6.10., 19:30

Dom im Berg
8010 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

Day pass 6.10., 12/8 euros


AInonAI: Seppo Gründler and Gernot Tutner
IMPROV-ENTITY: Annette Giesriegl and Elisabeth Harnik
Styrian Improvisers Orchestra
Guest musician: John Eckhardt

In cooperation with the ORF musikprotokoll

Supported by Association for Promotion and Dissemination of New Music (V:NM) and Stockwerkjazz