Seppo Gründler, Robert Lepenik, Eva Ursprung, Martin Brachvogel
Grotto Trails Memory


The train—the instrument / the ride—the performance / the passengers—the ensemble and audience / the engineer—the conductor / forward, standing still, backward. Sealed off from the noise of the city, the Fairytale Express moves through the tunnels in four stages, in accordance with a precisely defined musical score. In a subtle play with perception, acoustic features of changing speed and stillness are brought out. In between the stages are stations, at which the sounds we have heard reverberate as personal reminiscences in the 350-million-year-old dolomite rock. The stone becomes audible, and time is stretched out (to eternity?). We feel the pulse, the breath, and the lifeblood of the train, the tunnel, and the mountain and literally experience the peacefulness, serenity, and calm of this place—all based on what was there before. “Don’t take anything but experience, leave nothing but foot or butt prints.” We want to “do what happens anyway” (Robert Musil).

7.10., 15:00, 16:30, 18:00
8.10., 19:00, 20:30
9.10., 19:00, 20:30

Die Grazer Märchenbahn
Schloßbergplatz 1, im Schloßbergstollen
8010 Graz

Free admission, reservation required:

Warm clothing required, warning of absolute darkness

Length: 60 min.

Composition: Seppo Gründler, Robert Lepenik, Eva Ursprung
Engineer: Martin Brachvogel
Production management: Natalie Pinter

A performance by Follow the Rabbit within the framework of the series Kunst im Stollen

In cooperation with Fairytale Express Graz and the ORF musikprotokoll

Supported by Stadt Graz Kulturamt, Land Steiermark Abteilung 9, Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES)