Alexander Schubert

Internet art

Treat yourself to a custom-made composition—one of a kind and generated from your input. Av3ry is ready. Alexander Schubert’s program is based on artificial intelligence: it is a virtual, nonbinary entity that can chat with you, compose music, create images, write poems, and learns from your interactions in the process. Av3ry combines natural-language processing, algorithmic composition, data crawling, and machine learning. The program produces new results every time, based on communication with the respective users; musical compositions are generated through the criteria they set. Av3ry is also able to improve its results continuously: as listeners provide feedback, the algorithm fine-tunes its parameters.

The computer-generated images and video animations by Pedro González Fernández form the basis for the visual identity of the musikprotokoll 2022.


Concept, music, programming: Alexander Schubert
CG images and animation: Pedro González Fernández
Assistance: Luca Sutto